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More on my story...

I've always thrived the most when engaging in creative pursuits, but my passion for web design really started to take hold in 2022. I've been studying the field and working as a freelancer ever since.​

I'm a known problem solver both personally and professionally and don't shy away from adopting new perspectives to generate solutions.

Learning new things is my bread and butter, a core value of mine. Whether collaborating with my colleagues in the workplace or devoting time to a new skill after hours, my goal is always to continuing growing and gaining knowledge. 

These days, I spend my free time brushing up on my coding, studying Korean, relearning how to crochet, and (a new entry!) editing video footage of my travels.
Below are some of my favorite pictures from a recent trip!

Quick Facts

If you're interested in working together, just send me an email!

Travel Gallery

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